Our Sustainability Pledges





We believe sustainability is the key to prosperity for our people, our planet, our business performance and our pricing. The world is changing at a fast pace and the motoring sector is revolutionising to meet global environmental goals. AW Repair Group is a leading provider of vehicle accident repair services and how we respond to change and work with future vehicle technologies helps set the standards. We believe the four key focus areas working in harmony with each other creates a robust sustainability plan.


Our short film: Vehicle Repair – A Changing Market.

Planet: Electric Vehicles > Carbon Neutral > Green Alternatives

AW Repair Group is very proud to have been the first UK bodyshop group to achieve Carbon Neutrality PAS2060 Standard across all locations.

All human activity has a carbon footprint. We all need to do our bit to cut emissions and ultimately work towards slowing down climate change. Throughout the cycle of our delivery solution we are committed to reducing the amount of CO2 we emit, not only through the operations of AW Repair Group, but our supply chain and business partners too.


Not only are we actively reducing our carbon emissions year on year by 2% by following a carbon management plan, we go even further, by offsetting the remaining emissions to give net carbon zero, known as carbon neutrality. We were the first Accident Repair Group in the UK to achieve carbon neutrality to the British Standards Industry (BSI)’s publicly available specification (PAS) 2060. Read more on our commitments to a greener planet below.


We are delighted to partner with Ebay and Synetiq to offer a Green Parts Alternatives solution. Green parts are undamaged recycled parts that are carefully harvested from end of life vehicles. By choosing green parts for your car there is no further carbon output in their manufacturing and no landfill arising from their disposal.


AW Repair Group invests significantly in the technology and training to safely repair electric and hybrid vehicles as well as vehicles made from specialist lighter materials such as aluminium and other mixed materials.

View more information on our Electric and Hybrid page by clicking here

We are also proud to be Tesla Approved Bodyshops.

To learn more about our partnership with Tesla and the overseas training involved for our specialist technicians, visit our Tesla Approval page by clicking here.

AW has committed to replace its combustion engine courtesy car fleet with electric and hybrid alternatives by 2025.

People: Our Team > Our Customers > Careers & Apprenticeships > Charity Support

We believe in diversity and inclusivity across all our people and in the service we provide to our customers.

The AW Health & Wellbeing programme recognises our people as unique individuals and can offer flexible working patterns to assist with work life balance. All senior management operate an open door policy and our Mental Health Champions provide a supportive route to professional help and guidance whenever needed.

We recognise outstanding contributions by team members and hold an annual long service ceremony for the many team members who reach 10 and 20 years service. We are very proud to have been named in the 1,000 Businesses To Inspire Britain directory supported by the London Stock Exchange.

Our AW Apprentice & Training Academy is committed to recruiting a minimum of 10 apprentices across the group every year.

See our short films below to hear from Simon, one of our most highly accredited panel technicians who joined AW straight from school more than 20 years ago and year three apprentice Charlie. And look out for details of our annual Apprentice Showcase and apprentice showcase radio advert.


Here at AW Repair Group we love to lend a helping hand and support the work of charities close to the hearts of our people and our customers.


We’re also pleased to support many local sports teams.



And most importantly you, our customer. We pledge to always provide clear and transparent information. We understand being involved in an accident is an inconvenience and we will listen to your needs and make your vehicle accident repair customer journey as easy as possible.  We can communicate with you across all platforms and will endeavour to make resource available should you need us outside of normal working hours.



And if something should go wrong, our promise is to do our very best to put it right.

Performance: Reviews > Customer Journey > KPI's

We value your customer feedback and welcome your reviews on Google and TrustPilot. If for any reason you have not been completely satisfied please speak with us and we promise to do our very best to put things right for you.

You can Track your vehicle repair progress online here. To comply with GDPR please make sure you have your emailed customer schedule, repair ID number and vehicle registration to hand. While on-line tracking does show the accurate stage of your vehicle repair please do bear in mind that sometimes external factors are beyond our control, such as parts on factory back order, and this may not be identifiable online so always speak with your customer liaison advisor before planning forward journeys with your vehicle.

AW Repair Group’s slogan is Keeping You Moving and we endeavour to do so by all our team committing to our 9 core values: Efficiency, Individuality, Integrity, Personable, Collaborative, Empathy, Evolving, Ownership and Ecological.

We are so proud of our performance and committed to our core values that we even had our own soundtrack written. Keeping You Moving, composed and produced by RV Music, embodies the spirit of AW as a dynamic, progressive and dependable company. Listen to Keeping You Moving on Spotify here.


We pledge to always provide clear and transparent information. We understand being involved in an accident is an inconvenience and we will listen to your needs and make your vehicle accident repair customer journey as easy as possible.  We can communicate with you across all platforms and will endeavour to make resource available should you need us outside of normal working hours.

We will repair your vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible with the latest technology and skill. Your safety is our priority and we will never cut corners to cut cost.

Cycle times, customer feedback and repair cost are three of the important KPI’s we measure as a business. These are areas we monitor at both site and group level to ensure our performance is the best it can be for all our customers. 

These measures are often reported to our work partners where a direct connection to our bodyshop management system has not been made. If you are a work partner and would like to connect into our system for automatic updates either via Repex or CAPs, please contact our team who will happily assist.

Price: Investment in Safety Systems > Training > Transparency

Repairing today’s complex technologically advanced vehicles requires continuous investment in specialist equipment, training and awareness.

We have invested in the technology and training to ensure the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on your vehicle are correctly assessed and calibrated following what may seem like even a minor bump.

Your safety is our priority. The skill and technology to maintain your vehicle’s integrity is an on-going cost to the business. However AW Repair Group will always provide clear and transparent pricing that is fair, reasonable and consistent. We will never cut corners to cut cost and we will never “upsell” or offer products or services that you do not need.

We invite you to watch these two short films below to learn more: