Specialist & Electric And Hybrid Repairs

Specialist & Electric And Hybrid Repairs

Aluminium and multi-material constructed vehicles are present in more prestige vehicles today than ever.


This coupled with the increase of electric and hybrid vehicles means vehicle repairs are changing rapidly.


We have purpose built, dedicated technology booths which allow electric and hybrid and multi-material vehicles to be worked on in a separated environment, using the correct isolated tooling and repair methods for high voltage vehicles and complex materials.


It is paramount that vehicles are repaired at a specialised centre, to ensure they are repaired correctly protecting the integrity of the vehicle.

Types of Electric Vehicle


A Hybrid vehicle has a combustion engine and electric motor working in tandem. The battery will get charge from the combustion engine as well as some charge from regenerative braking.

Plug In Hybrid

A plug in hybrid is as above, however can also be charged from the main grid.

Range Extended Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle which runs on electric power but has a range extender, usually a combustion engine, like a Hybrid.

Pure Electric Vehicle

This vehicle is totally reliant on charging from the grid.

All of our sites have Electric Vehicle charging points outside.


When an Electric vehicle requires repair, strict procedures need to be adhered to. Most Electric vehicles will need disconnecting and closing down during the process.


Once in the refinish stage of the repair, electric vehicles cannot be subject to high temperatures and manufacturer methods need to be checked for the recommended maximum temperature of the spraybooth. Thatcham Research recommend temperatures are maximum of 60 degrees Celsius.