Specialist Aluminium

The Allure of Aluminium

Specialist Aluminium

Prestige motor manufacturers are leading the way in aluminium and multi-material constructed vehicles.


In a bid to meet strict emissions criteria, the use of aluminium makes a vehicle lighter and more fuel efficient, along with the added benefit in performance vehicles of faster acceleration and shorter stopping distances.


Aluminium also absorbs twice the energy in a crash compared to steel cars.


But when looking to have such damage repaired following a collision it is paramount the vehicle is taken to a fully equipped aluminium repair centre.


AW Repair Group offers a bespoke prestige accident repair service and has structural aluminium approvals for Jaguar Land Rover and Audi.


There are very few centres equipped and trained to deal with this aeronautical technology which is now being used in vehicles. Aluminium requires specialist tooling and equipment, factory trained technicians, separate aluminium clean rooms to prevent cross contamination and diagnostic body measurement systems.


Making the right choice to protect your driving safety and investment has never been so important. Seeking an alternative repair will invalidate warranty and jeopardize vehicle safety – particularly when the chassis sections have been affected.


AW ensure our customers receive the very best service and their vehicle receives the very best attention and correct repair method to maintain vehicle performance, value and integrity.