What We Do

We are much more than just a body repair shop. Check out all our services below.


Ensure you check your tyres regularly to keep within the legal limit. It is recommended that the tread is no less than 3mm.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning service is not included as part of your vehicles routine services and can therefore be easily overlooked.

Accident Assistance

Had an accident that’s not your fault? There are many benefits in choosing AW Accident Assistance to help manage your ordeal.

Upholstery & Repairs

Make sure the interior of your vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Fabric, leather and plastic interiors can be costly to replace.

Windscreen Repair

An unattended chip in your windscreen can quickly turn into a dangerous crack and put a serious dent in your wallet when it comes to replacing the glass.


When combined with accident repairs we are able to carry out either a major or minor service, including the use of a courtesy car.

Excess Protection

An excess guarantee policy will pay your insurance excess in the event of an accident causing a claim on your insurance policy.

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