Quality Policy Statement

AW Accident Repair Centres

Quality Policy Statement

AW Repair Group Ltd is dedicated to providing industry-leading vehicle body repair services, providing top quality customer service to those who need it.


To ensure the highest quality, we operate a comprehensive quality system across all areas of the business that meets industry standards and is independently assessed.


We aim to meet and exceed the following quality objectives each and every day:


  • Provide a first-class, industry-leading service to each person who walks through our doors.


  • Take all customer feedback on board, responding to all concerns to exceed expectations and provide excellent customer service.


  • Continually review internal processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness maximised. By doing this, we also aim to reduce waste.


  • Help our people reach their full potential by providing training, coaching and opportunity to grow and develop.


  • To maintain business profitability by increasing customer loyalty, repeat custom and market share.


  • Deliver the best customer service to everyone, always.


  • We will commit to doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well, with nothing left to chance.

AW Accident Repair Centres

Corporate & Social Responsibility

This statement is to be read in conjunction with our Quality Policy Statement, Equal Opportunities, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy Statements.

We aim to:

  • Recycle wherever possible to reduce waste.


  • Use compacting and containment to keep packaging and paper waste under control.


  • Use the most efficient products and processes to keep solvent emissions at a minimum.


  • Conduct regular efficiency reviews to reduce our utility energy consumption. Adopt best practices and utilise energy-saving equipment to achieve this goal.


  • Use only biodegradable cleaning products to protect the environment.


  • Purchase only brand-new company vehicles. These will be kept for no more than four years and will be maintained to reduce the impact on the environment.


  • Treat all customers and staff equally, fairly and without any kind of discrimination.


  • The contents of this statement are subject to an annual review to ensure the progress and continuity of this programme.


Andrew Walsh

Founder & CEO

AW Repair Group