Porsche Club tours AW’s prestige site

MEMBERS of the regional Porsche Club Great Britain enjoyed a tour of AW Repair Group’s prestige repair centre in Lincolnshire in August.

The open day was warmly received and included demonstrations of aluminum repair techniques, FlatLiner, plastic repair, colour matching and the Symach drying technology.

Regional Chairman Richard Watkinson praised the AW team concluding: “It was very informative showing many processes from start to finish. I can certainly understand why AW is Porsche accredited and why there needs to be an approved network.”

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Two of AW Repair Group’s Porsche approved panel technicians explained the complexities of aluminum repair and demonstrated dent pulling, heat application and welding on a selection of panels.

Spies Hecker field support technician Simon Pratt showed the audience the Hi Tech paint computerized colour matching and AW’s senior paint technician left the visitors in awe as they ‘watched paint dry’ before their eyes with the Symach RoboDry.

Retired paint technician Cliff Doe, owner of a 1972 911T, commented: “I can’t believe the speed of the processes and the technology. I would have once spent a whole day doing a repair the Flatliner did in just minutes!”

Added Porsche 964 owner Mike Stanley: “It was amazing what can be done. Watching the paint dry was a rare opportunity and to see the severity of some of the damage that can now be repaired with the technology involved was fantastic.”

Welcoming the guests AW Repair Group’s Managing Director Andrew Walsh said he had just returned from Porsche GB in Reading to see the new Evolution Contact Measuring System in use.

“We will be taking delivery of this equipment next week,” said Andrew. “And it is clear the new generation of vehicles are a completely different from what the industry is used to. We are not just working on cars any more, we are working with aircraft technology.

“Elements of the vehicle are made with surprising material and knowing the reason why a particular type of steel or aluminum has been selected for that part is fundamental to completing the repair process. There is zero tolerance and anyone with a new generation Porsche is urged to choose a Porsche approved centre to maintain the vehicle’s integrity and safety.”

The open day concluded with a scenic drive and three course lunch at a Lincolnshire village pub.

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