IMPORTANT MESSAGE Re: Accident Compensation Nuisance Calls

[Update at 25th February 2015]

Scam Telephone Calls – Faulty Repairs

Several sources have identified a scam currently being conducted on bodyshops across the country in relation to rectification works.

As reported by RMI NAB and the VBRA, bodyshops are receiving telephone calls where the caller poses as a customer, their agent or an insurer. Their call concerns repairs which have been completed at the bodyshop.

If they manage to gain information from the bodyshop about the repair, they will then approach the affected customer and suggest to them that they, (the scam operators), are working on behalf of an insurer who has identified that the accident repairs done by the bodyshop may be faulty.

Once this communication has been established, the scam operators will attempt to convince the customer to let them inspect the vehicle to determine the “faulty repairs” and then pursue a claim against the bodyshop to rectify the “faulty repairs”. The bill for rectifying these “faulty repairs” will then be sent to the bodyshop.

All staff have been made aware and will be vigilant regarding such phone calls. Information will not be provided where strict data protection has not been met.


It has come to our attention that there is a renewed spate of nuisance calls across the insurance and vehicle accident industry.

The people involved are extremely rude and persistent with unscrupulous tactics aiming to collect a new piece of data with each call.

Calls are being generated from within the Manchester area. The company goes by various names including Direct Assist, Access For Justice and Motor Insurance Database. Do not confirm any information.

[Update at 25th November 2014: The company is now also making calls under the name Fox Legal.]

This is not isolated to AW Repair Group and poses a reputational risk to our company. Please be assured AW Repair Group does not supply personal data to any other company or association. We are registered under the Data Protection Act Reg No: Z8529450.

We urge all customers NOT to answer any number beginning with 0161 you are not already familiar with. We understand if the call is never answered your number is considered dead and removed from the call list.

If you do answer any calls from someone you believe is not involved with your accident please let us know. Do not confirm any details to the caller, including what might seem irrelevant such as colour of the vehicle. Take a note of the name provided and telephone number.

You may also find the following websites helpful.

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