Guests visit new HQ – Demo day showcases express technology

MORE than 50 specially invited guests attended the official opening of AW Repair Group’s new Lincolnshire facility and group HQ on Wednesday 4th April.

Managing Director Andrew Walsh told guests that the relocation had enabled new processes and practices to be put into place further reducing key to key and cycle times. New fast repair methods were later demonstrated on a two hour tour of the facility led by branch manager Steve Hoe.

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These included plastic repair, Flatliner, headlamp repair and other parts and labour saving techniques such as the Stanners heat inductor. Spies Hecker’s new hi-tech paint system coupled with the super fast drying Symach Robodry demonstration left guests astounded by the speed and quality. Since installation in Janaury the company had already seen cost savings and improved computerised colour accuracy, explained Steve.

Closing his speech Andrew Walsh was proud to announce the site had just been granted Porsche Centre Approved Body Repairer status. Displays by the group’s manufacturer partners included Porsche’s first aluminium vehicle the Porsche 911 as well as displays of vehicles from LandRover and Audi.

In a quirky twist officially opening the site was three of film’s most famous cars: a 1966 Batmobile, Herbie and KnightRider’s KITT. A meet and greet of the star cars, complete with appearances from Batman, Batgirl and the Easter Bunny, was thrown open to the public on Good Friday and Easter Saturday as part of a charity family fun event raising more than £1,500 for the NSPCC and local charity Joel’s Quest. See above for corporate day photos and for fun day pictures click here.

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