What Happens Next?

Step One: Depending on the age of your vehicle, the extent of the damage and the informed insurance company, we will either bring your vehicle to site immediately or a vehicle damage assessor will carry out an inspection and take digital photographs. A computerised assessment will be compiled and sent electronically, with images, direct to the insurance company.


Step Two: Behind the scenes we will order any parts which need replacing during the repair. Occasionally unusual parts may be unavailable immediately due to ‘factory back order’. In this event we may need to call you to reschedule the repair commencement date.


Step Three: The insurance company will authorise us to proceed with repairs. This normally takes 48 hours. However, should the estimated cost of repairs be close to the current market value of the vehicle the insurance company may choose to send a field engineer to assess the vehicle. Some insurance companies will not allow us to commence work without authority, so in some
circumstances there may be a short delay between your vehicle arriving at the bodyshop and the work commencing. Therefore while estimated completion dates are as accurate as possible they cannot be guaranteed. Other insurers will allow repairs under a certain value to commence immediately.


Step Four: Once we have received authority our computerised bodyshop management system will schedule the repair.

The sophisticated system draws on information such as courtesy car availability, resources of technicians and your specific repair details to find a date when the repair can be completed in the shortest period of time. Please inform us of any holidays/commitments around the time of the repair date in case of any delays encountered during repair (see ​FAQ 2​).


Step Five: If a mobile vehicle damage assessor carried out the inspection at Step One a member of  the customer liaison team will contact you to agree a convenient booking date in conjunction with the scheduler. Step Six: Repairs will commence.


Step Seven: See next column for the various ways we can keep you informed throughout the repair process.


Step Eight: A member of the customer liaison team will contact you to arrange the hand over of your completed vehicle.


Step Nine: Upon return we will ask you to sign a collection note to confirm you have received the vehicle back into your care.


Step Ten: We will collect any payment due at this time. We regret that vehicles cannot be released without payment. Credit and debit cards are accepted but we do not accept cheques. Covering the East Midlands, Humber and South Yorkshire, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best experience in vehicle repair and care.

Additional Services

Telephone your customer liaison advisor to book any additional services. Please note some  additional services will affect your expected completion dates. For further information please see​.

Cosmetic & Smart Repairs

While your vehicle is with us you may like to consider repairs to other minor scratches, dents and chips. Using specialist ‘Smart Repair’ techniques non accident related damages can be repaired from just £30 (+VAT).

We also offer alloy wheel refurbishment, upholstery and windscreen repairs.

Diagnostic Services

Modern vehicles have complicated warning systems and an illuminated light on your dashboard will undoubtedly be to inform you of a pending problem. These are often general maintenance  issues, not related to your accident, which are not covered by your insurance. But our Smartbox can normally diagnose the problem for £25 (inc.VAT) and let you know the next steps to take.


Have you checked your tyres recently? We supply, fit and balance a wide range of tyres which are sourced directly from leading wholesalers thereby ensuring the most competitive prices in the market place. We also offer a Computer Wheel Alignment service to check your vehicle geometry and tracking to ensure even tyre wear.

Courtesy Cars

Where applicable your policy will entitle you to a standard two-door A Class courtesy car. If the accident was not your fault and you were hit by another driver, or the vehicle is company owned, we may be able to assist in obtaining a more suitable vehicle for your needs.

Courtesy Car Terms & Conditions

Important note: If you are not delivering your vehicle to us at our offices your courtesy car may be delivered by another source. While this will take place on the same day your vehicle is collected by us there may be a short period of time between collection and delivery.

Courtesy Car Damage: If you are involved in an accident while driving the courtesy car you will be required to make a second claim on your own insurance or in some circumstances cover is provided on our insurance with an excess of up to £750.
Incidental damages include: punctures, windscreen and headlamp damage, your own policy may have windscreen cover. You will be liable for the cost of these damages incurred.

Fines & Charges: During the currency of the courtesy car agreement and for the purposes of the Road Traffic (owner liability) regulations 1975 and the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. As the owner of the vehicle, under the terms and conditions of this agreement, for any offences committed by the driver or any other persons authorised by me to drive the vehicle. This will include: speeding charges, bus lane violations, congestion charges, toll charges, and any other charges including administration charges incurred as a result of transferring the penalty.


Breakdown Cover
If you are in a courtesy vehicle provided by AW Accident Repair Centres, please contact the provider of the make of your courtesy vehicle for Roadside Assistance. In the event that you do require breakdown cover, you must make AW Accident Repair Centres aware as soon as physically possible during our opening hours.

Toyota – 0800 246 824 / 01737 500 021
Hyundai – 0800 980 2733
Suzuki – 0800 107 1156
Seat – 0800 262 622 / 01737 500 021
Skoda – 0800 526 625 / 0330 100 3243

General terms & Maintenance: Vehicles are often scheduled to be collected from one customer and taken to another so please respect the courtesy car. Smoking and pets are not allowed. Please return the courtesy car in a clean and tidy condition or a £40 (inc.VAT) valeting fee may be charged. All courtesy cars are subject to regular routine checks but we ask that you check the oil, water, lights and tyres at least once while the vehicle is in your care. The vehicle may not be taken off the UK mainland under any circumstances. We reserve the right to collect the courtesy car with two hours’ notice. If the vehicle is not made available to us a daily rent of £20 per day plus VAT may be charged.

Fuel Levels: Fuel levels on the courtesy car will be checked upon delivery. We ask that you return the vehicle with the same level of fuel. No credit will be raised in respect of courtesy car fuel. Mileage: A 100 mile a day curfew is applicable to all courtesy vehicles unless otherwise agreed by AW Repair Group. Excess mileage will be charged at 10p (+VAT) per mile.

Personal Belongings

Upon collection of your vehicle please advise our driver of your radio code as the battery may require disconnection. If you do not know your code and the radio reverts to safe mode we reserve the right to charge a search code fee of £30.00 (+VAT).


Please remove all personal belongings from the vehicle including, maps, blankets, and audio cassettes and compact discs. We cannot be held responsible for any personal possessions.


Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit card.
We are unable to accept payment by personal or company cheque or via American Express.
No vehicles will be released without payment.
We are unable to waiver any part of your excess without your insurers written authorisation.


Exceptions: By releasing your vehicle to AW Repair Group for repair you acknowledge we may carry out a consumer search. Where this search or credit/debit card pre-authorisation fails we reserve the right to ask for pre-payment in full by cash only.


Whether you are a techno-wizard or simply prefer direct human contact we have a number of ways
to keep you informed throughout the repair procedure.

1. Track your repair on-line at your convenience by entering your registration and job reference number (see below) via our website The claim process can also be tracked via the AW Accident APP available free at Google Play and the App store.


2. We aim to telephone you every three to four days to update you on the vehicle progress. If you supply us with your e-mail address we can update you via e-mail. Alternatively if you prefer us to simply call you when the vehicle is complete, please let us know.
You can choose all or some of the above options.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?
Yes, for a minimum period of 12 months
2) What can cause delays to the estimated completion date?
Manufacturers parts may not be available or subject to back order; The insurance engineer may need to inspect the vehicle; There may be a delay in receiving authority to proceed with repairs;
Additional parts/repairs may be identified during the course of repairs and require additional


3) Will you clean my car?
Following repairs we will undertake a courtesy clean. By request we will also vacuum and enhance the interior for a standard £11.75 (inc.VAT) fee. Please telephone to book this service.


4) Will You carry out any other work I want?
Please telephone to discuss your requirements with your vehicle damage assessor, or download the AW Accident APP for a quick quote guide price.


5) Will you investigate any existing problems with my vehicle?
We carry out a complete vehicle check before commencing any work with any damage or faults being noted. If you suspect any electrical fault to have been caused by the accident you must specifically inform your insurance company of this fault. We can only investigate this problem if it is authorised by your insurance company and not deemed to be an existing fault or the result of
fair wear and tear. Alternatively we have a diagnostic service starting from £25 (inc.VAT).


6) Will you MOT my Car?
We may be able to organise this for you but you will be liable for all costs incurred plus an administration fee.


7) Can I choose when I have my car collected and delivered?
We will endeavour to indicate morning, lunch or afternoon collections and deliveries which will be agreed with you in advance although we respectfully ask that you make yourself available for the
whole of the agreed day. If you do not meet agreed delivery dates we reserve the right to make a £35 (inc.VAT) re-delivery charge, a £20 (inc.VAT) per day charge for extended courtesy car use and may request you make your own arrangements for the collection of your vehicle from our


8) What will I have to pay before release of my vehicle?
Any excess applicable. Any contributions specified by your insurance company. VAT, if you are VAT registered. Courtesy car upgrade, damage, valeting, or extension costs where applicable. Any re-delivery charges if applicable. The cost of any agreed works undertaken in addition to the insurance claim.


9) Will my car be driven by road? Where you are not able to bring your vehicle to us we shall endeavour to collect and deliver all vehicles by transporter although this is not always logistically possible. We may drive your vehicle by road unless you have specifically requested us not to do so in writing. Please note mostvehicles also undergo a safety road test following repairs.


10) Will genuine manufacturer parts be used when replacements are required?
Some insurance companies instruct us to use non genuine parts on vehicles aged three years or over.


If you have any issues during your repair that our customer liaison team are unable to help with, please telephone our branch general manager Jason Jones.

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