AW’s Independent News Documentary

AW have been revisited by The Independent Business Reporter.

Journalists wanted to follow up on the 2019 documentary by the Telegraph and see if the past predictions had come to fruition.

It was decided that there is much more to the AW story and our people than could be included in the 3m30s documentary and after a long chat came up with the concept of three docu-series each containing a number of short films.

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AW – A Career for Life series

The stories of two very different vehicle damage assessors are explored in the latest double bill of our docuseries AW: A Career for Life.   Senior VDA Niel Harmston joined the company 22 years ago in parts procurement and has grown and developed his career.


AW announce 12th site in Sheffield with solar technology

AW Repair Group plans to take eco-bodyshops to the next level with the opening of their 12th site later this year.   Pioneering new electricity harness and storage technology, the Sheffield site will be working towards using its solar generated power to support the operation of