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AW Repair Group’s Volkswagen Paint and Body apprentice James Hill was in Penrith, Wales, last week with 60 other Volkswagen apprentices from across the country to improve their team skills. Their week team building consisted of climbing Helvellyn, a 950m mountain that is the 3rd highest fell in the heart of the Lake District (picture below), orienteering, raft building in the local area and Cheese press caving (squeezing between two rocks in a cave!).

[Update at 25th February 2015] Scam Telephone Calls – Faulty Repairs Several sources have identified a scam currently being conducted on bodyshops across the country in relation to rectification works. As reported by RMI NAB and the VBRA, bodyshops are receiving telephone calls where the caller poses as a customer, their agent or an insurer. Their call concerns repairs which have been completed at the bodyshop.