Approvals & Partnerships

AW Repair Groups

Approvals & Partnerships

AW Repair Group holds multiple manufacturer and insurer approvals and partners with many companies known within the body repair industry.


Manufacturer approvals are only granted once stringent criteria has been met and regular audit standards achieved. These include manufacturer specific technical training, investment in manufacturer preferred equipment as well as manufacturer specific diagnostic and mainframe computer systems which retrieve and feedback the most up to date data from the manufacturer’s source.


Lightweight aluminium is becoming a regularly used material in the construction of modern day prestige vehicles to achieve optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Aluminium requires an entirely different repair technique, tooling and equipment to other steels in dedicated isolated aluminium repair cabins. Only those accident repair centres with such capabilities are awarded prestige manufacturer status.

Our manufacturer approvals include:

Structural Aluminium Capability

Electric & Hybrid Repair Capability

Our Insurer approvals and companies we partner with include: