Camera crews focus on AW site

The prestige headquarters of AW Repair Group was host to PPG Refinish and their film crew on Friday.

AW Repair Group and PPG Refinish have a relationship spanning the years and our clean, modern manufacturer approved bodyshop was the obvious choice in which to shoot their latest promotional film.

Featuring site general manager Steve Hoe, PPG’s major account manager Simon Boulter and AW technicians, the film will be used to promote the strong partnerships PPG hold with their customers as well as inspiring and motivating their internal sales team using testimonials from PPG staff and their customers.

The film will include the PPG product in use at our prestige repair centre showing colour matching, spraying, plus the support and process training offered by PPG to AW technicians.

Managing Director Andrew Walsh commented: “We were delighted to be chosen to promote PPG partnerships and products in action. Our Lincolnshire HQ and prestige repair centre was purpose built in 2012 and often attracts great comments from surprised customers as they relax infront of skyTV or use the wifi lounge.”

PPG Filming


While you wait repairs

Ever wondered about the work that goes on behind the scenes when your vehicle is being repaired? We are about to go through the many stages of a ‘while you wait’ repair.

Click here to view our video of the while you wait repair process.

First, the vehicle is prepped for the repair process – removing the wheel and the wheel-arch lining
IMG_1063 IMG_1065






Using a cross-pein hammer and a dollie, the dent is gently teased back to its original shape. The technician must keep the manufacturer profile during this process, checking the lines every step of the way.

dollie process

The damaged area is sanded down
sanding down processSTAGE THREE
The filler is then applied precisely over the damage. This is then fully cured within seconds using our mobile Drytron for speed and accuracy.

filler process

Next, the filler is sanded down. We will only ever use a maximum of 1mm of filler to avoid shrinkage and corrosion to the panel.
Next, the stopper is applied, again this is fully cured using the latest drying technology.
stopper processSTAGE SIX
The stopper is carefully sanded down ready to be primed.
final stage of Simon

We identify the colour using a paint spectrometer which will give us a precise formulation for an exact match.

The panel is de-greased in preparation for the primer coat.
panel degrease + sand process

The vehicle is masked-up in the spray booth and the etch primer is applied. This provides maximum adhesion to bare metal and corrosion protection.
booth, mask + filler prime process

The primer is carefully applied and cured using the Symach Robodry.
primer process

Once the temperature has cooled the primer is sanded to enable the basecoat colour to adhere to the panel.

post prime process

The basecoat colour is now applied and cured using the Symach Robodry. It is essential that the basecoat is fully cured as all moisture must be removed. This ensures a longer lasting overall finish to prevent paint flaking and corrosion. (All paintwork must be carried out in a controlled temperature environment)
basecoat process (colour)

Once the basecoat is fully cured, the clear-coat lacquer is applied. This is a very important stage in the process as the lacquer must be applied evenly, this will create a perfect showroom finish.

lacquer process

The panel is machine polished and the vehicle is valeted ready to go back to the customer.