Ten Steps To Repair

Had an accident? Don’t worry….the repair process couldn’t be more simple with the help of the expert team at AW Accident Repair Centers. Whether you are referred via your insurance company or choose to use our services there are just 10 easy steps to ensure your vehicle is repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible.

What happens next?

Step 1 Depending on the age of your vehicle, the extent of the damage and the insurance company, we will either bring your vehicle to site immediately or one of our mobile Vehicle Damage Assessors will visit your home or work address to carry out an inspection and take digital photographs. A computerised assessment will be compiled and sent electronically, with images, direct to your insurance or fleet company.

Step 2 Behind the scenes we will order any parts which require replacing during the repair. Occasionally unusual parts may be unavailable immediately due to ‘factory back order’. In this event we may need to call you to reschedule the repair commencement date.

Step 3 The insurance company will authorise us to proceed with repairs. This normally takes 48 hours. However, should the estimated cost of repairs be close to the current market value of the vehicle the insurance company may choose to send a field engineer from the insurance company to assess the vehicle. Some insurance companies will not allow us to commence work without authority, so in some circumstances there may be a short delay between your vehicle arriving at the body shop and the work commencing. Therefore while estimated completion dates are as accurate as possible they cannot be guaranteed. Other insurers will allow repairs under a certain value to commence immediately.

Step 4 Once we have received authority our computerised body shop management system will schedule the repair. The sophisticated system draws on information such as courtesy car availability, resources of technicians and your specific repair details to find a date when the repair can be completed in the shortest period of time. Please inform us of any holidays/commitments around the time of repair date in case of any delays encountered during repair (see FAQs).

Step 5 If one of our mobile Vehicle Damage Assessors carried out the inspection at Step One a member of the customer liaison team will contact you to agree a convenient booking date in conjunction with the scheduler.

Step 6 Repairs will commence.

Step 7 We shall keep you informed of the vehicles progress via automated text messages direct to your mobile phone, e-mail and proactive telephone updates or you can track your repair on line via this website. You can choose all or some of these options. For automated updates please ensure we have your correct mobile and e-mail details. If you do not wish to receive any automated updates please ask for these to be switched off.

Step 8 A member of the customer liaison team will contact you to arrange the hand over of your completed vehicle.

Step 9 Upon return we will ask you to sign a collection note to confirm you have received the vehicle back into you care.

Step 10 We will collect any payment due at this time. We regret vehicles cannot be released without payment. We no longer accept cheques. Credit and debit cards are accepted and cash payments only when paying in branch. A card handling fee of 1% will be applied.